...Humble Beginnings

So how did we get here?

In 2014 we were persuaded to do a “Women for Women” cycle along with 80 other women from all over the world to raise money for the Genesis Research Trust – an organisation based in London bringing together world-class experts to progress the understanding of miscarriage, stillbirth, pre-term birth, and reproductive cancers, in order to reduce preventable baby loss.

We were definitely in unchartered waters, not only did we have to be prepared to cycle 350km through Tanzania and Zanzibar, but we also had to raise R180 000 for the privilege! It took us six months and a lot of work but we got there!

Whilst the experience was life-changing and impactful, we knew that our passions were rooted closer to home. We wanted to directly impact the the lives of people in our local communities.

In 2016 we launched “LIVE LOVE GIVE” and our first local ‘women for women’ adventure took place. Our aim was to get women out there and challenging themselves, connecting with others, taking a few days for themselves and filling their cups whilst raising funds for deserving local causes.

We have had an adventure every year since our launch and every year our adventures are full within a week.

To date, these once a year adventures have managed to raise over R200 000 for causes close to our heart.

Then the need  to grow our efforts and make a bigger difference kicked in and the Weaver Foundation was born.