Whether an individual or a corporate, in the words of Andrew Carnegie – “It’s more difficult to give money away intelligently than it is to earn it in the first place“.

Like any other investor, philanthropic donors want to see a “return on investment” . We want to assure you – the potential investor and partner – that your investment will be managed and used efficiently and effectively and overseen personally.

We are small and we are hands-on … we personally identify our candidates and beneficiaries, we personally visit the community centres and leaders. This is our life and our passion … your money does not disappear into the proverbial black hole – we actively manage every aspect of our endeavours and will report back to you regularly on the impact of your contribution.

The King IV Report on Corporate Governance highlights that organisations are an integral part of society – they have corporate citizenship status. This status confers rights, obligations and responsibilities on the organisation towards society and the natural environment on which society depends.

The Companies Act also envisages the company as having obligations to society. For example, it states in section 7 that the purposes of the Act include to “promote compliance with the Bill of Rights as provided for in the Constitution” and it “reaffirms the concept of the company as a means of achieving economic and social benefits”.